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Jacob Bare, Sr was an early settler (bef. 1818) of SE Ohio and owned all the land where the town of Hannibal is now located.
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Excerpt of Foreword written by Ken Bare, 15 Feb. 1987

"But could Jacob have had more than one wife?  It is possible for there is a significant gap between Samuel and Susannah.  At this point I will anticipate the formal record and make a listing of this unusual family:

Father:   Jacob Bare, Sr.

Mother:  Mary (Ann?) Steele

Mary  .

b. 8 Jan   1801

William S.  b.



8 May 1803

Samuel died as infant
Susannah 8 Nov 1807
Jacob 18 Mar 1808
John 26 Feb 1810
Joseph 1 May 1812
Nancy 5 Dec 1813
David 1814?
Martin 20 Oct 1815
Martha 20 Aug 1817
Alexander 5 Jan 1821

Unless I am the heir of unanticipated help the mystery will have to stand.  The court house at Woodsfield, Ohio, the county seat of Monroe County has been badly damaged by fire three times and no part of the original building remains.  Also the part of the county that comprises Hannibal has, at various times, been within the perimeter of three other counties:  Belmont, Washington and Guernsey.  Not only that but Hannibal has not always been Hannibal.  When Jacob, Sr. first inhabited the area, the place was called Bare's Landing and the tiny village was located on the bank of the Ohio River.  But that land was very low and the first flood convinced everybody that they had better move to higher ground.  So the name was changed to Baresville and it was moved northwest to where the terrain begins to rise abruptly (the move was less than 1/4 of a mile.)   The original town-site was later sold to the government to be the eventual location of The Hannibal Locks.  The change in name from Baresville to Hannibal was arbitrary and may be laid at the door of the US Post Office.  They felt that the original name was too easily confused with others in the same general area and that their employees were not equal to the task of keeping them separate."