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History of Bare's Landing, Ohio
Jacob Bare, Sr was an early settler (bef. 1818) of SE Ohio and owned all the land where the town of Hannibal is now located.
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Here are some genealogy sites and links to other Bare researchers... they are very interesting to read and provide us with clues about the Bare Family ancestors and where they lived during the centuries.

Other Bare Sites Around The Net    

Jacob Bare, Sr starts a new branch of Bares in Monroe County, Ohio in the early 1800s...check out these sites for more info.   These links will take you to other sites so use your back button to return to the Bare Family Genealogy.
So far my research indicates our Bare family is related to the Jacob Jagely Bar (aka Hans Jacob Jagely Bar) family that came to Pennsylvania in early 1700s.  There is a wealth of information about these immigrants, including the links below. 
  • Descendants of Hansen zum Vanghus Even though they only mention Jacob Bare, this site is very interesting because this family followed the same route as the Bars and might have travelled in the same migration group, probably based on religious affiliation.  (most research indicates the Bars were Mennonites and left Switzerland, possibly stopping in the Palatine area in Germany, to escape religious persecution.  I've also seen a couple references to Lutheran  in regards to the Rockingham, VA Bares, so I am not 100% positive!)
Other Descendants of Jacob Jagely Bar (b. 1683)
One of the most well-documented Bar historical events is that Jacob Jagely Bar and two of his sons, Jacob, Jr and John, moved from Pennsylvania to Rockingham County, VA sometime before 1740.  In fact, Jacob Jagley died there, and I believe his two sons did also.  My direct ancestor Abraham Bar (1720-1783) was another of Jacob Jagley's sons but he did not go to Virginia, nor are his other brothers or sisters mentioned.  Jacob Jagely Bar and his two sons "Whiskey"Jacob Bare, Jr and John "The Barron" Bare were very well-known settlers of the Shenandoah River Valley and have a rich history there.  The two sons married two sisters, daughters of pioneer Adam Miller (Mueller) known as the "first white settler" of that area of Virginia.  They have many Bare/Bear/Baer descendants in Virginia and beyond, and some of them share their stories online via the links below.  If you have a site not listed please add your site by clicking "add a link"  below.
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